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Welcome to the Penguin Random House Permissions Portal!
Now including Penguin Random House Canada Limited titles.
Here you'll be able to find rights information and request permission for excerpts and portions of books published by Penguin Random House US and Penguin Random House Canada Limited.
Note that all previously submitted requests are still in queue to be processed; please do not resubmit outstanding requests.
What kinds of projects can I use this site for?
Print, Digital or Audio
Use of excerpt(s)/image(s) within your publication (e.g. novel, anthology, textbook, test, etc.)
Television, radio, and/or digital podcast/broadcast. Do not use for storytime/read-alouds.
Photocopy / Electronic Reserve
Make copies of, or provide digital access to, our content.
Musical setting
Set an excerpt or poem to music, with optional publication and performance rights of musical setting.
Book as Prop
Display physical book or show image of book cover in film/TV show.
Magazine / Periodical
Use of excerpt(s)/image(s) within a magazine or academic periodical.
Theatrical performance
Dramatic performance.
Looking for one of these?
See our Imprints page if you are unsure whether to contact PRH US or PRH Canada.
Alternative Formats for Students with Disabilities
For PRH US titles:
For alternative text needs, please contact our alternative text partner, Bookshare. You can find additional information about our partnership with Bookshare here.
For PRH Canada titles:
email academictype@penguinrandomhouse.com.
Entire Book Translation and Reprint Rights
For entire book translation and reprint rights, please contact the subsidiary rights department of the specific imprint that published the title in which you are interested. For Random House US titles, click here. For Penguin US titles, click here.
For all PRH Canada titles, click here.
Penguin Random House Distributes Books for Various Publishers
Permission to reprint from these books, however, must be obtained from the actual publisher, rather than from Penguin Random House. Find a list of these publishers here.
Professional Dramatic Performance
Info on motion picture, TV, radio, and non-amateur dramatic rights for PRH US titles can be found here.
To inquire about these rights for PRH Canada titles, click here.
Still don't see what you're looking for?
All published material by Penguin Random House and its divisions is protected under copyright law. Written permission is required from the publisher.